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9:30pm - 12:30am.  21 and over.  No Cover

11/4 The Corduroys featuring Bobby Zoppi

Bobby Zoppi has been a lead singer/songwriter for many years. He has had 3 major recording contracts in the music business starting with Qwest/Warner Brothers Records in the 90's, Warner/Chappel publishing and MCA/Universal records in 2000. He was nationally recognized by Billboard magazine for his voice and MCA debut record.Bobby had a single that was on the radio in various markets around the country and has continued to hone his voice.Bobby's current project "The Corduroys" is rooted in Bobbys early roots in country music. He grew up listening to the likes of George Jones, Randy Travis, George Straight but has also been influence by Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts and is currently a big fan of Floridia Georgia Line, Kenny Chesney, Luke Brian amongst others. The Corduroys perform many of the old school hits as well as current country/rock on the radio and a few originals..

11/11 Erica Sunshine Lee

Erica Sunshine Lee was 2014’s Georgia Country Awards’ “Female Artist of the Year” and is known in the industry as the “Hardest Working Woman in Country Music.” Performing over 300 shows per year, relentlessly touring the globe and recently coming off an Australian tour, she scored her latest top 10 single “You Saved Me,” and has just released her 6th album, as well as her first Top 100  crossover single in the US, titled “Georgia For This.” From tragedy to triumph, heartache to humor, and brutal honesty to ‘down-home fun,’ when you listen to Erica Sunshine Lee’s music, you may find yourself easily relating to each of her songs as she takes you for a musical journey for a walk in her boots. Get ready to fall in love with this genuine Southern Belle’s music, like a shot of whiskey, her songs burn with honesty, but feel good when they go down smooth and leave you wanting more.

11/18 Madison Hudson Band

Raised in the small town of Wheatland California, Madison convinced her parents to spend the money they had saved for her college tuition on sound gear so that she could form a band. Her promise to them was that she would graduate from high school a year early and make enough money singing to pay for college herself. Madison did graduate a year early and is about to graduate college. Never one to let something stand in her way of getting on stage and sharing her passion of country music, Madison has had the opportunity over the last four years to sing with some of the best vocalists around. She has shared the stage with the Doobie Brothers. She has opened for several national artists and sat in with most of the current bands playing in Northern California. At the age of twelve she recorded her first song and produced a music video. Never one to be labeled or placed in a category, Madison’s vocals are unique in country music. Madison can be found in the audience of a show as much as on stage. Always wanting to take the music closer to the listener and drawing them in. Always a pleasure to talk to and one of the most grateful musicians you will find., a must see performer.  

11/25  Jeff Ricketts and the Dirt Road Band

Jeff Ricketts and The Dirt Road Band represents hard work, excitement, and passion on recordings and onstage. Their determination and talent brought them together early in 2014 with a common goal to become the best country band in Northern California. With Jeff Ricketts on vocals and rhythm guitar, Tim Breem on lead guitar/ vocals, Steve Murphy on bass/vocals and Paul Dulle on drums/ vocals. Their strong work ethic, tight harmonies and stellar musicianship have gathered great praise from audiences and fellow musicians. They have developed a large and loyal following through constant performances and an active internet presence. Ultimately, the Jeff Ricketts and The Dirt Road Band knows that hard work and dedication to making and performing great music brings success. They've earned their successes one show and one song at a time. They love to play, they love to write, and they love to perform for fans. Most importantly, they love to be a part of a very new and unique brand of country music. Their infectious harmonies, catchy lyrics and driving grooves already have country music fans singing out loud. That makes quite a sound -- the sound of a band ready to make history!