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Sauced Has Axe Throwing?! What Locations?

We currently have axe throwing in our Walnut Creek, orange and El Segundo locations. As an added bonus, el segundo also has outdoor bocce ball and shuffleboard courts. We currently do not have plans to put axe cages in Livermore or san jose. Walnut creek is your closest location to the area if you are interested in axe throwing at sauced. Our da boccery location in Livermore also has axe throwing. For more info on Da Boccery here is our website.

Da Boccery

What Is the Minimum Age?

You must be 16 and older to throw axes.

What Should I Wear?

You should wear something comfortable. All guests wanting to throw axes must wear closed toed shoes!

Do I Need to Sign a Release Form?

Yes! All guests participating in axe throwing must sign a waiver and you can save time by signing it ahead of time.

Sign Waiver

Can I Make a Reservation for 2 or 3 People?

Unfortunately not, but you are able to walk in and put your name on the wait list. Our reservations are limited to a minimum of 4 people per party and a maximum of 12 people.

Do You Accept Walk Ins?

Absolutely! However, we cannot guarantee availability so we always recommend making a reservation whenever possible.

Can We Have Cocktails While We Throw Axes?

Yes, however we don't allow double cocktails or shots to be consumed while throwing axes. If a guest is showing signs of intoxication, for their own safety, they will not be allowed to throw axes.

Can We Eat While Throwing Axes?

Yes, you will be given a table adjacent to the lane for food and cocktails. You will have a dedicated server while you're at this table. You're free to order whatever you like while you have the table, but once your axe throwing time is up, you will need to vacate that table to make room for the next axe throwing party. We recommend that you make a separate reservation that starts right when your axe throwing reservation ends, so you have a place to either dine, finish any food you might've purchased or just to hang out longer.

How Long Does It Take?

We only take reservations for 1 hour time frames, which is actually 1 hour and 15 minutes. We reserve the extra 15 minutes for guests to sign waivers, receive instruction or simply as a buffer if we need it. our intention is that guests will have a full hour of axe throwing. We do offer a 30 minute time frame for walk in guests only. No reservations are offered for 30 minutes.

Since the Maximum Number of People Is 12, What Do I Do if I Have a Party Larger than This?

You have 2 options for this - We highly recommend booking your large parties through our catering department. They can help make your experience a little more streamlined and efficient. This is important because you have a tight time limit on your lanes. You can also make 2 separate reservations depending on party size. If it were a party of 16, make the reservation for 12 guests first, then a separate reservation for the remaining 4 guests. If your situation is unique, please reach out to the management team at the location you are inquiring about. To request a callback from our Catering Department, please fill out this form.

Event Request or Inquiry

Can People Come and Watch?

The tables for axe throwing parties are somewhat small and all locations are different. If it's a guest or two, it shouldn't be a problem. If it's more than that, please reach out to that restaurant directly.

Do I Have to Make a Separate Reservation for Dining?

Yes! If you're choosing to dine before axe throwing, we recommend that you allow yourself an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half for dining. If you're making a dining reservation after axe throwing, shoot for a start time that coincides immediately when your axe throwing ends.

Does My Dining Reservation Include Axe Throwing?

Unfortunately not. Each location only has a few axe lanes and hundreds of seats. You can reservations for dining or activities, including axe throwing here.

Dining & Activities Reservations

Should I Throw Axes Before or After Dining?

That entirely depends on your preference. Do you need to fuel up to hit that bullseye? Make your dinner reservation before. Don't want that 3 meat combo slowing you down? Make your reservation after.

Is There an Axe Coach with Me at All Times?

Yes. The axe coaches primary objective is to keep everyone safe. They will also coach and assist as much, or as little, as needed.

How Many People Can Fit Into One Lane?


How Much Does It Cost?

$30 per person/per hour. We do have walk-in sessions at $15 per person for 30 minutes and those are on a first come, first served basis.

Do You Have Leagues?

Not at this time.

Can I Bring My Own Axes?

We don't allow guests to bring in their own axes or any other personal items they'd like to throw.

Axe Throwing Reservations

Please read FAQs above before making your axe reservations.

Please make sure you are making your axe throwing reservations at your preferred location.
We may not be able to accommodate you if you make a reservation at the wrong location.
Also, note there are no refunds for wrong location reservations

Axe throwing reservations and dining reservations must be made separately.

WC Axe Reservations - Nor CalOrange Axe Reservations - So CalEl Segundo Axe Reservations - So CalEl Segundo Bocce Reservations - So CalEl Segundo Shuffleboard Reservations - So Cal

For separate dining reservations, use the link below. Please read FAQs regarding time allowances when booking both axe throwing and dining reservations.

Dining Reservations