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Our Story

We are so excited to have the opportunity to bring authentic BBQ to Northern California. Our goal at Sauced is to always provide excellent food, creative cocktails, and an unmatched southern charm and ambiance. We want every one of our guests to become a part of our extended family and walk out of our doors with a memorable experience and a full stomach. 

My cousin Brenden and I (Barrett) have been dreaming of owning a restaurant since our early college years. Quite frankly, Brenden loved to cook and I loved to eat…some things never change. We were both born in 1979, and although we grew up on opposite sides of the country, we always stayed close. I grew up in Pleasanton, CA while Brenden was raised in Atlanta, GA… yes this means he has been to countless NASCAR races and has probably owned a pair of Wranglers at some point. In our early 30’s (still 2,500 miles apart), it was time to stop dreaming and turn our passion into reality. Several years later, we did just that… Sauced BBQ Spirits was born in downtown Livermore, CA on April 22, 2012! 

I bet at this point, as long as you have not fallen asleep, you are wondering how the barbecue came to be. Well, many years ago Brenden acquired a ceramic smoker which he swears by, called a Big Green Egg (Ask him about it and he will probably have you buying one before you leave the restaurant). He fell in love with BBQ and spent years cooking and practicing the art and science of it in his backyard, eventually starting a competition BBQ team in the Atlanta area. The team scored well in several categories, most notably in the “Most Beer Consumed” category. 

While Brenden was perfecting his BBQ recipes, we took it upon ourselves to spend thousands of hours in different bars and restaurants throughout the country drinking…errrr…researching the art of the cocktail. We even made it to Kentucky to learn how to make a Mint Julep and New Orleans to research…wait…I don’t remember much of anything in New Orleans. Anyways, it was exhausting but it just had to be done for the good of the cause. 

In creating Sauced, we really wanted to bring the South to Northern California, so we literally did just that. All the wood and corrugated ceiling in here are reclaimed and shipped in from barns in Georgia and North Carolina. I even had Brenden shipped in. We opened Sauced with the invaluable help of a lot of families (our Wives, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Children) and friends along the way. We hope the final product is one you will want to experience over and over again for any occasion. 

Thanks so much for joining us at Sauced BBQ & Spirits,

Sincerely Barret & Brenden